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We weren’t meant to battle with hardship on our own. We are social and nurturing beings by nature and seek out comfort and support from others. When that is missing, the void becomes unbearable and the grief and pain expands to try and fill it.

Family and friends try to understand and have all the best intentions in the world, but sometimes it’s hard to express how you feel to them. That’s where a support person who knows what you are going through can help.

Meet Suzanne.

After suffering the hardship of losing her first husband to cancer, Suzanne went through all the feels. The pain, anger, loneliness and fear that all comes with loss. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel – trust me!

Suzanne can help with grief counselling or be the mentor you need to take on that life change you are desperately seeking. Whether it’s closure to move on or courage to about face on your career path – Suzanne is the person to help you take those first steps and beyond.

New Business Framework

Not knowing where to start when you are contemplating opening your first business can be daunting.

The statistics on failed businesses can often leave doubt in your mind to whether you want to one of the statistics.

Many people who start their own business and fail haven’t done the due diligence and planning before they jump in.

While I was working in my executive role, I began to develop my business plan, which gave me the insight and confidence I needed to open my new business.

My framework will provide you with questions that you may or may not have considered before launching into a new business.

This is not everything you need to put in place, and many more comprehensive templates can be found online, but this template will enable you to start compiling your thoughts and considerations and take action to be able to launch your new business!

Download your free copy of the Career Plan or New Business Framework

Beyond 9to5 Mentoring

15 Mins Free Consultation

Do you want to create your own business or engage a career coach but don’t know where to start?

Have you considered engaging a mentor but don’t know who?

I offer a 12 week mentoring program to help you develop your skills and business.

My Beyond 9to5 mentoring program consists of six exclusive group coaching sessions and six 30 minute one on one sessions. I will present the content one week, with a follow up session one on one the following week.

To ensure you have a full understanding of the content of the program, I will connect with you via a free 15min consultation that will inspire and transform your idea into reality.

To understand whether my mentoring program is the right path for you, please go to my connect page and I will respond to you within 48 hours with an overview.  

Career Plan Framework

During my 25-year corporate career, I was grateful to have many managers who assisted in my development.

Unfortunately, not everyone has that support. Businesses don’t facilitate employee/manager meetings and without these frameworks, we begin to question why we aren’t being considered for or winning that next role.

Through my experience as a leader, a coach and a mentor, you need to have a career plan that you will develop over a five-to-ten-year period to set you for success.

I have developed a framework that will enable you to put a plan in place to build your skills and drive.  It will give you the questions that I needed to consider that enabled me to win my dream corporate role.

Guest Speaking

Suzanne is available to speak to support groups or organisations

I'm here to support you

You are not alone.

I'm here to support you through your grief or career change and can offer mentoring and coaching services. My eBooks are also a great resource on how you can overcome grief and move forward.